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  • Team will have no more than four players on the court at the beginning of each game.

  • Each round is the best of three games.

  • Each game has a time limit of three minutes. At the end of three minutes, the team with the most players on the court wins.

  • Eight balls will be used during each game. 

  • Balls will start on the midline at each game.

  • Players that step on or across any boundary line, including the mid-line, will be out.

  • Players who are hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team are out. unless:

    • the ball is caught before hitting the ground,

    • the thrown ball is deemed an intentional head shot,

    • the thrown ball has hit another player first.

  • A player who throws the ball resulting in a head shot is out unless the opposing player is ducking to avoid the ball, in which the player being hit is out.

  • In order to keep the game moving, if a team has all balls on their side, they have five seconds (as counted out loud by a referee) to throw one of the balls. If the team does not discard the ball within five seconds, the charging referee will call one of the players out.

  • If a player catches a thrown ball before it hits the ground, all of their eliminated teammates may return to the court, and the opposing player who threw the ball is out.

  • Players may not physically touch any opposing player. This will result in the player being terminated from the tournament.

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