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Friendly competition. Serious climbing

March 11

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We are so excited to get the community together for some friendly competition and serious climbing! Whether you're new or have been climbing for years, there's a place for you at The BaseCOMP!

This year, athletes aged 13+ will only score points for climbing routes in their bracket.  Total number of points from all routes sent will determine bracket winners in Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced Categories.  For every route sent, you'll also receive an additional entry to the raffle. More boulders = more raffle tickets!

Our Open Category (V5+) will be scored using the top 5 routes sent by the athlete that day. Then the top 5 men and top 5 women will continue to FINALS round at 7 PM.


Cash prize for each top finalist is $300. $150 for second. And $75 for third. Kids winner receives $100, and university club winner receives $200.


Kids (5-13 year olds)

Recreational (V0-V2, Basecamp E & M-)

Intermediate (V0-V4, Basecamp E, M-, M)

Advanced (V0-V6, Basecamp E, M-, M, M+)

Open (V5+, Basecamp M, M+, H)