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Members Love...

"The constant rotation of routes and the 24/7 access" Mark Rafferty 

"The newest top notch holds.  The treadwall. The Tension Board. The Moon Board. The best bouldering pads!" Abi Stetzer

Annual Memberships

In June every year we will offer a discount on an annual prepaid membership! It's like buying 10 months of membership and getting two FREE!

Annual Membership June Sale $650

Family Membership June Sale $1650

No additional promotions apply to this sale

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Basecamp membership includes 24/7 access to 80+ set bouldering problems, a Moon Board, Tension Board, treadwall, hang board station, free weights, cardio equipment, and lobby space with WIFI.



Is it really 24/7 access?

Yes!  We give you a key fob you can use to climb with us any time!

How do I sign up?

Come in on while we are open to the public every day for you to come in to get your orientation!

How much is a membership?

For an individual, climbing with us is $65 a month.  Students and Black Hills Climbers Coalition Members get a 10% discount.


Can my family all climb at Basecamp?

Yes!  We have no age limit for climbers at Basecamp!  All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  A family membership is $160 a month for 3 climbers (+$5 for every climber after that), and adults in the household will be given keys. They will be responsible for any kids there with them that day.

Can I bring a friend?

We love that you want to bring your friend!  They are welcome to join you Mondays though Saturdays 11-8 PM or  Sundays between 1-8 PM. Once a month members get a guest pass to bring a friend for FREE!

How do I cancel a membership?

To cancel your month to month membership, fill out the form below by the 25th of the month before you want to cancel.  

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Good Reminders

Volumes and features are ON for all routes unless taped with red or black tape


In order to send a route, you must control the start and finish of the route.

Help us create a welcoming space for climbers of all ability and experience levels.

Membership Inquiry
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End Membership

To stop monthly payments and end your membership with Basecamp, please fill out the form by the 25th of the month before you want to cancel


Member Testimonial

Our family has fallen in love with the gym and the community. There are new routes set nearly every week, keeping us interested and coming back. Climbing has become a part of our fitness routine and I have seen all of my kids grow in strength, confidence, and technique. The staff is friendly, personable, attentive, and in my kids' words, "chill." The environment is very encouraging for beginners all the way to advanced. Everyone is respected and welcomed there. It truly is a gem in Rapid City! We have started trying to visit other gyms when we travel and are surprised at how cost efficient Basecamp is. Hands down it's the most affordable gym in the states while still offering a lot of space and options!


Jodi M

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