basecamp Kids 

At Basecamp, families can climb together!

Kids are natural climbers. Whether it's climbing trees, climbing your furniture, or channeling that energy into climbing at the gym, kids' strength-to-weight ratio and excitement to explore make them intuitive climbers.

At Basecamp, we encourage families to climb together. Family memberships are $150/month and save families money as more kids are added to the family.

Basecamp has a variety of programs and activities for kids to get more involved with climbing and hone their natural skills. With character development, community ethics, and climbing competencies at the core of our kids programs, Basecamp provides a holistic approach to kids & youth and climbing.

Course Offerings

Climbing Clubs

Monday Nights - 8 week

Join Basecamp's experienced coaches to learn climbing technique in community

Curious Climbers

Saturday Class for 4-6 year olds

Learn climbing basics AND how to wait in line, go over colors, numbers, letters

Homeschool Climb Time

Mondays & Wednesdays 10-1

Discounted Day Passes for homeschool families

Summer Camps

More in 2022

Learn climbing skills and techniques in the gym then take those skills outside on real rock

Sensory Friendly

Wednesdays Open Climb 9-10 AM

Sensory friendly class with OT and climbing coach 

Birthday Parties

$150 Sat or Sun at 2 PM

10 climbers. Place to eat cake or open gifts. Rental shoes. Lots of climbing

Core Tennents



Climbing teaches us about life. Whether it's learning to fall and get up again or encouraging those around you, every. Basecamp coaches incorporate character development into every program.

Community Ethics

Taking care of the crag, interacting with others at the gym, and ensuring access to climbing for future generations is the responsibility of everyone.  

Climbing Competency

Learning to climb efficiently and with proper technique will incentivize kids to keep climbing as long as they choose.


The first lesson of any class with anyone of any age is learning how to fall. While climbing will never be without risk, we teach kids to manage and minimize risk.