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At Basecamp, one of our guiding principles is COMMUNITY. We seek to create a welcoming place for all to climb within our walls AND ensure we are good corporate citizens. We happily pay our fair share of taxes, we clean up local crags, and contribute to the Black Hills Climbers Coalition.

Basecamp partners with local schools. Many schools have small traverse walls, and we use those walls to introduce kids to climbing! If you're a local PE teacher or run any after school program with access to a climbing wall, reach out! We'd love to get involved.

We also want to make sure climbing is accessible to people of all income levels. Did you know adults can volunteer 4-5 hours a month in exchange for a free membership? Did you know we offer scholarships for kids who want to participate in our clubs or summer camps?

Kids & Youth Scholarship Application

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Climbing builds self confidence
Annual Falling Rock Cleanup
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Climbing is for all kids
Want your kiddo to join the fun? Fill out the scholarship application today


Sponsor a climber today


Thank you for your generosity! Your donation sponsors a climber who might otherwise not be able to pay.

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