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Meet the Team


Laura Bellisle

General Manager

Laura started climbing in Yosemite in 2008. It wasn't until she met Andrew that she climbed inside at Denver Bouldering Club and Earth Treks, and she was hooked!

Her business management background means Basecamp will be committed to providing you the best customer service possible so you can spend more time climbing.

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Andrew Bellisle
Head Coach

Andrew loves climbing––from bouldering to big walls and everything in between––because it all challenges our human potential. A movement connoisseur, he's used his 15 years of climbing to set routes, coach, and guide outdoors. So don't be afraid to ask him your latest technique questions! He's the right nerd for the job, and he loves engaging the Black Hills climbing community as we explore our limits together.

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Kolton Arthur
Programs Director

Kolton recently graduated from Black Hills State with a degree in Outdoor Recreation. His love of climbing and excellent customer service welcome all climbers into the Basecamp community. He's always down to talk beta or up for a campus challenge.


Spencer Marty
Head Route Setter

Spencer moving here in the Fall of 2020 was a gift to the Black Hills. His setting experience, from Minneapolis Bouldering Project and beyond, and his strength help Spencer set for all levels and styles. This experience, combined with his team approach and his creativity with movement, make Spencer the perfect person to lead our setting team!

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Alaska Schubert
Front Desk

Alaska moved to the Hills to work at Badlands National Park and joined our front desk team when we opened our new facility in 2023.  Their friendly demeanor and commitment to the climbing community welcome climbers of all skill levels to the gym and beyond. 

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Ian Osborn
Coach, Setter, Personal Trainer

Ian's commitment to helping climbers progress and execution of high quality routes made us excited to welcome him as a professional member of our setting team in October 2020. Since then he has come on board as a climbing coach and has earned his personal training certificate. 


Julia Mathew
Front Desk, Forerunner

Julia moved to the Black Hills and immediately became a Basecamp member. Her ability to build community around her makes her a great front desk staff. Recently, she has also brought her skills to the setting team by helping forerun boulders after sets!

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