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For youth climbers seeking regular practice, coaching, and a gym membership, our competitive youth team grows skill, strength, and character. Our experienced coaches and personal trainer meet with these devoted athletes (mostly ages 10+) individually and as a team to maximize their potential and prepare them for USA Climbing and/or Local Gym Competition.

The only prerequisite is prior coaching at Basecamp (via clubs, camp, lessons, or past team enrollment). There are no try-outs, and we primarily separate practices based on age (NOT skill level). Any young, mature athlete willing to put in the work and be coached is welcome in this encouraging environment!


Athletes who qualified for USAC REGIONALS 2024









*Athletes who qualified for USAC DIVISIONALS 2024

+Athlete who qualified for USAC NATIONALS 2024

SEASON 2024-2025
Now Open
Team Black Hills Silly Photo.HEIC


Between Now and June 30th



Jun 19: Prospective Athlete/Parent Q&A

Wednesday, June 19, 6PM @ Basecamp

Jul 17: Athlete/Parent Pre-Season Meeting

Wednesday, July 17, 6PM @ Basecamp

Aug 1-9: 1-on-1 Pre-Season Assessments

Register for 1 Hour Time-Slots (Coming Soon)


Aug 12-18: Training Camp

More details found HERE

Aug 26: Regular Practices Start

Mondays (Mandatory)*

       Youth C & D: 5:00-6:15 PM

       Youth JR, A, & B: 6:30-8:00 PM

Tuesdays (Optional)

       All Athletes: 3:45-4:45 PM

Thursdays (Mandatory)*

       Youth C & D: 5:00-6:15 PM

       Youth JR, A, & B: 6:30-8:00 PM

*This year, we are splitting our mandatory practices into two age groups (using the USA climbing age categories). Our older group (mostly 12 & up...USA JR, A, & B) will hold longer practices with advanced skills and strength development. Our younger group (mostly 12 & under...USA C & D) will include more age-appropriate games and challenges to build proper foundations.

Oct – Dec: USAC Qualifiers

Nov: Basecamp's Fall League

(in place of Monday practices)

Dec: 1-on-1 Lessons

(in place of Monday practices)

Mid Jan: USAC Regionals (TBA)

Mid Feb: USAC Divisionals (TBA)

Late Feb: The BaseCOMP (TBA)

Competition Tracks (2 Options)

Our athletes (and their families) choose which competitions to enter, and therefore the intensity level at which they compete.

USA Climbing Track

Those who would like to travel regionally and compete in USA climbing competitions will work with our head coach to arrange season logistics (NOTE: this comes with additional travel expenses and comp fees not covered under team.):

  • Compete at USA Climbing sanctioned events around the Midwest (as far as Chicago)

  • Pay USAC fees & entry costs per competition (approx. $100 for the season and up to $100 to enter each comp)

  • Compete at 2 or more competitions (in order to potentially qualify for higher level championships)

  • If they qualify, athletes can advance to regionals, divisionals, and even nationals

  • Comp difficulty decided by USAC

  • Compete locally in Basecamp's Fall League and in the BaseCOMP in February (Free to all Team Athletes)

Locals Comp Track

Some choose not to undergo the pressure of the USA Climbing series and avoid the travel requirements and costs that come with it. These athletes still enjoy local competitions hosted by Basecamp (which are included in the cost of being on team):

  • Compete locally in Basecamp's Fall League and in the annual BaseCOMP in February (Free & Included with Team)

  • (OPTIONAL) Compete at additional citizens comps at gyms of your choosing (Sioux Falls, Denver, Lincoln, Fargo)

  • (OPTIONAL) Pay comp registration fees (usually $40-$60) for any additional citizens comps attended

  • Choose the difficulty level at which you'll compete

 FAMILIAR WITH OUR CLUBS?      Difference b/w Club and Team:  

Youth Climbing Options – Overview Chart.png
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