Kids & Youth Clubs

Join Basecamp's experienced coaches to grow skills, learn technique, play climbing games, develop the mental strength needed to climb to new heights, and so much more.  

Current club is Mondays until May 23rd

Next club starts Monday evenings on June 6th

Fall, winter, & spring clubs are 8 weeks of climbing including Monday night club and access to the gym when it's open Wednesday-Sunday during public hours. Summer clubs are 4 weeks and include Monday night club and access to the gym when it's open during public hours. 

3:30-4:30 6-10 year old Kids Club (fall, winter, spring only)

5:00-6:00 6-10 year old Kids Club

6:15-7:30 11-15 year old Youth Club



Rowan has been going to Basecamp for nearly a year now. She is not just learning climbing skills and increasing physical strength, but she is also building character, self-confidence and growing friendships every time she is there. It is hard not to love a place where the owners and staff have so much passion for what they do.

-Proud Kids Club Parent

Basecamp and the amazing coaches have provided my daughter with a fun, safe environment to learn and grow. She feels so confident being herself.  I'm beyond grateful for this team to coach my daughter in this sport!

-Proud Youth Club Parent

Future Club Dates

 Summer Clubs (4 weeks)
June 6-27
July 11 - Aug 1

Summer Clubs

Summer clubs are our most cost effective way to participate in a climbing club. With only a four week commitment, summer is the perfect time for your climber to give Basecamp a try for the first time or climb with us again!

Summer clubs will focus on climbing games & building relationships for maximum fun! Our summer clubs start at 5:00 for kids ages 5-10 and at 6:30 for ages 10-16.