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Team Black Hills

For any young climber seeking to improve skills and commit to regular practices, Team Black Hills grows climbing skills and builds character.  Our experienced coaches train with the kids & youth individually and as a team to maximize individual potential.

For ages 11+ unless cleared by Head Coach Andrew

Athletes who made it to  REGIONALS 2023









*Athletes who qualified for DIVISIONALS 2023

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Save the Dates for the '23-24 Season

Aug 7th & 10th 6-8 PM Beginning of season goal setting & assessment. Choose one night to come in and get individualized attention from our coaches. Parent informational meeting August 7th at 6 PM

Aug 14-18 Training Camp

Aug 21st Regular practices start

Mondays 6-8 PM

Thursdays 6-8 PM

Fridays 4-5 PM (optional onsight practice)

Two Tracks for the 2023-24 Season

USA Climbing Track

  • Compete at USA Climbing sanctioned events around the Midwest (as far away as Chicago)

  • Pay USAC fees & entry costs per competition (approx $100 for the season and up to $100 to enter each comp)

  • Compete at at least 2 competitions in order to potentially qualify for higher level comps

  • If scores qualify, athlete can advance to regionals, divisionals, and nationals

  • Comp difficulty decided by USAC

  • Compete at the BaseCOMP at the end of the season

Citizens Comp Track

  • Compete at citizens comps at gyms of your choosing (Sioux Falls, Fort Collins, Denver, Lincoln, Fargo)

  • Compete at as many competitions as you choose

  • Choose the difficulty level at which you'll compete

  • Compete at Basecamp's fall league and winter BaseCOMP

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