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Personalized Movement Coaching

In personalized climbing lessons on YOUR schedule, our coaches focus on movement instruction and personal motivation to maximize your individual skills. The supportive environment created by our coaches will undoubtedly expedite your climbing abilities and understanding of the sport.

Personalized Fitness Coaching

In personal fitness training on YOUR schedule, Coach Ian works with wherever you are on your strength and fitness journey to maximize your physical potential. Ian's excellent listening will allow him to focus on your individual needs & goals, ensuring personal progress.

Introductory Climbing Coaching

An Intro to Climbing lesson on YOUR schedule gives you a great introduction to Basecamp's climbing safety, movement, and community values. The supportive environment created by our coaches undoubtedly expedites your climbing abilities and understanding of the sport.


Coach Andrew
V12 & 5.13 Climber with 15 years of experience


Coach Ian
ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Coach Laura
Has introduced over 100 beginners to climbing


There are ways to fast-track your movement "IQ" on the wall and be more efficient in reaching your fitness goals. Climbing and/or training with an experienced coach can help you develop skills and knowledge that take years to learn through trial and error on your own. In every session, you will learn tools and techniques to use for years to come.

Great for new and experienced climbers alike, our coaches are ready to help take your climbing to the next level. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


Individual Lesson     $49

Lesson for two          $79

Lesson for three       $99


We're excited to climb with you! You'll hear from us soon!

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