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Climbing Movement Series

Climbing is a SKILL sport. 

Basecamp's head coach (Andrew) and program director (Kolton) have broken down movement into digestible but comprehensive 4-week units designed to compliment each other or be taken in isolation. Climbing is FUN, and by learning to move better on the wall, these courses can unlock your full movement potential.

The series: (1) Footwork, (2) Handwork, (3) Center of Gravity & Weight Distribution, and (4) Forces: is designed to be taken together or separately in any order. But if you're newer to climbing or aren't sure where to start, take footwork and handwork first. If you've never climbed before or are looking to see if climbing could be your next passion, our Intro to Climbing might be a better place to start.

Not sure which course is right for you?

One of our coaches will call you to talk through your specific situation and where you should start!

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  • Learn to push or pull on holds to stabilize or mobilize our bodies in ...


    1 hr

    99 US dollars
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