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Climbing Movement Series

Climbing is a SKILL sport. 

Basecamp's head coach (Andrew) and program director (Kolton) have broken down movement into 4 digestible but comprehensive 4-week units designed to compliment each other or be taken in isolation. Climbing is FUN, and by learning to move better on the wall, these courses can unlock your full movement potential.

Each 4-week unit –– (1) Handwork, (2) Footwork, (3) Center of Gravity & Weight Distribution, and (4) Forces –– is designed to be taken together or separately in any order. But if you're newer to climbing or aren't sure where to start, take Handwork and/or Footwork first. If you've never climbed before or are looking to see if climbing is your next passion, our Intro to Climbing might be a better starting place.

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Handwork Series

The most specific climbing skill that all climbers need to know is how to hold onto the wall and maximize the use of forearms, hands, and fingers. Basecamp's handwork series teaches climbers grips and when to use each.

Next Class:

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 (Jan 10-31)

Week 1: Types of Holds & Directionality

Week 2: Open Grips (Jugs, Slopers, Rails, Pockets, Pinches)

Week 3: Crimp Grips & Thumb Placement

Week 4: #1 Tip to Maximize Hand Placements

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Forces Series

The forces of how we push or pull on holds allows us to stabilize or mobilize our bodies in fun and creative ways. Explore this abstract concept and learn to make it concrete to improve your climbing.

Next Class:

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 (April 3-24)

Week 1: Intro to Forces

Week 2: Parallel Forces Create Mobility

Week 3-4: Opposing Forces Create Stability

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Footwork Series

Arguably the most important foundation for any climber, Basecamp's footwork series covers foundations for every climber to more advanced techniques needed to send harder grades. 

Next Class:

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 (Feb 7-Feb 28)

Week 1: Edging (Sweet Spots & Backstepping) and Smearing

Week 2: Pivoting & Foot Swapping

Week 3: Heel Hooks & Toe Hooks

Week 4: Opposing feet--bicycles & tweezing

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Center of Gravity & Weight Distribution Series

Climbing efficiently and making your weight work for you are the hallmarks of this series.  If you want to know how and when and why climbers turn their hips or which muscle groups are working vs which are resting for different moves, this class will take your climbing to the next level.

Next Class:

Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 (March 6-27)

Week 1: Points of Contact, Weight Distribution, and Working vs Resting Muscles

Week 2: Squatting & Locking Off to Extend Reach

Week 3: Hip Turns and Flagging

Week 4: Hip Height

Not sure which course is right for you?

One of our coaches will call you to talk through your specific situation and where you should start!

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