Occupational Therapy + Climbing

Climbing OT Class Tuesdays at 3:30 PM with Occupational Therapist Sarah Brown and Climbing Coach Laura.  More details below

Current class goes through March 1st

Stay tuned for dates of next class

Benefits of Climbing 

Motor Control

  • Climbing improves core strength needed for appropriate posture and shoulder control

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Finger and wrist strength

  • Motor planning and muscle memory

Social Skills

  • Climbing places us in a socially manageable situation

  • Climbing is an individual pursuit done in community

  • The small class size (3 students) allow an intimate, safe setting

Mentally Stimulating

  • In climbing, the body solves a mental problem (which is why in bouldering the routes are called "problems")

  • Climbing requires focus 

  • Movement doesn't become routine or automatic

Confidence Boost

  • Climbing is COOL

  • Climbing is a great conversation starter

  • Overcoming challenges allows climbers to tackle the next problem with greater faith in their ability


Meet the Sensory Friendly Team

Occupational Therapist

Sarah Brown, MS OTR/L is an occupational therapist and owner of Building Blocks Therapy, Inc. Sarah has worked with the most amazing families and kids in her over 18 years as an occupational therapist. Sarah has a strong interest helping kids improve their executive functioning, self-regulation, attention, and participation in all areas of life.


Climbing Coach

Laura Bellisle is Basecamp's owner and head coach and was trained as a social worker. She loves watching kids and their families climb, learn, and grow together. Having climbed since 2008, her climbing experience and enthusiasm for the sport translates to kids she coaches.